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April 08, 2008



Happy New Year! The author write more I liked it.


Happy New Year! Happiness and success in 2011.

Corey Bearak

Great article Paul. The Queens Civic Congress proposed its platform, CIVIC 2030, last June because we found PlaNYC to be a development plan masked by environmental language. In many of my talks across the city during the congestion tax debate, I raised construction and the traffic impacts such development caused.


Sure. Let's exacerbate the housing shortage further still. Let's make sure EVERY family in New York pays at least 66% of their income in rent or mortgage.

Ron Howell

Paul, you raised an issue that hasn't been in the discussion as it should be.

Problem is that none of the powerful figures you mentioned has an interest in dealing with it.

Hopefully this will get picked up and passed around.

Which is what blogging is about, finding a clear spot and standing there and shouting at the top of your voice!

That was much appreciated.


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Website for Ron's book, "Boss of Black Brooklyn"

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