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May 01, 2008



Yea, Melinda go postal on his ass since everyone has a black scapegoat now. This has done little to effect Obama in my opinion. It wasn't going to go away either. If people are this expedient with insititutions that did wonders for their community then I dont know.

The man said nothing objectionable nor did he say anyhting different from what he said before!

Jeremiah Wright is a prominent minister who has done far more for his community that most black churches. Half of you dont know anyhting about him nor his church but you continue to run your mouth off.

These people use all the stereotypes and issues that they have with the black church and slap it on Wright. Wright is the exception to all the black churches that close Monday-Saturday and could care less about their communities.

Lets be serious.


Hi, Davey Mac. I was going to just say 'black,' but I didn't know McBride that well and thought maybe he preferred it that way, since I saw in his Times letter that he referred to himself as mixed.

I remember once getting an angry reaction from a mixed person (who taught theater at NYU) when I referred to him as black.

It just seemed an easy way around something I wanted to do quickly.

Anyway, that was it.


Davey Mac

I've never seen you write that Obama would be the first (half) black president if elected? Why the amendment for McBride?

Melinda James-Lewis

JW need to sit the hell down and put a sock in his mouth. I swear...if Obama loses this nomination...I'm go postal on his ass.

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